The Official Report on the causes and circumstances of the Explosion at the Hapton Valley Colliery on the 22nd March 1962.

The report and maps, describe in detail the findings and reasons for the disaster and shows the way the explosion developed and progressed along the coal face causing the deaths of those miners working in the area. The Hapton Heritage Committee are hoping to produce a lasting memorial for the miners who died in the accident or shortly afterwards as a result of their injuries to be placed in the Hapton Peace Garden.

Hapton Heritage Committee would like to thank the Woodend Mining Museum, Smithson Farm, Reedley Hallows, Burnley for making the following documents available.

Please click on the below links to download the report and supporting maps.

Document (black and white versions)

Hapton Valley Colliery Plan 1B

Hapton Valley Colliery Plan 2B

Hapton Valley Colliery Plan 3B

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