Barrett’s Directory of Burnley and District

The directory includes classification of trades and professions as well as a General Alphabetical Directory for Burnley, Nelson and Padiham including Hapton. The Hapton sections for 1902 and 1911;

Barrett’s Directory (Hapton) 1902

Heys Henry & Co, quarry owners, Hambledon Quarries, Hapton

Ideson William, boot maker& butcher, 1 Bridgefield St.

Jamison Robert, Vict. Bridge House Hotel, 4-6 Manchester Road

Knox Samuel Henry, grocer, 19 Manchester Road

Mason John Alfred, private secretary, 91 Manchester Road

Moorhouse William, draper, 73 Manchester Road

O’Shaughnessy Serg-major Edward, assistant overseer for Hapton, 16 Hammond Terr. Pad.

Pilling Joseph, hairdresser, 28 Manchester Road

Porter John, carter, 103 Manchester Road

Proudlove William, station master, 93 Manchester Road

Reed Richard, caretaker, 83 Manchester Road

Riley Charles P, chemical works manager, 77 Manchester Road

Riley Mrs. Mary, Hapton House

Sagar William E, beer house, Railway Inn, 15 Manchester Road

Shotton John Robson, LRCP physician & Surgeon, 56 Manchester Road

Simpson Arthur F, (John Simpson Ltd) 85 Manchester Road

Simpson Mr. Theophilus, Hambledon House

Simpson Walter,(Simpson Bros) Oakleigh

Slinger Henry, grocer, 42 Manchester Road

Swaine Mrs. Annie, 7 Bridgefield St.

Thompson George Henry, police constable, 25 Manchester Road

Trent Mrs. Sarah Ann, tripe dealer, 26 Manchester Road

Wade Joseph, sub- manager, I Manchester Road

Webster Thompson, foreman, 3 Manchester Road

White William, foreman, 5 Manchester Road

Wildman John R., analytical chemist, 107 Manchester Road

Wilkinson Thomas, shopkeeper, Norton St.

Wingham Thomas, overlooker, 95 Manchester Road

Wolstencroft John, newsagent, 33 Manchester Road

Wyke James, vict, Hapton Inn

Barratt’s Directory (Hapton) 1911

Ainsworth, Matthew H, clothlkr, 6 Whitefield St

Alcock, William J, manager, Red Cottage

Ashworth, Jabez, butcher, 2 Bridgefield St

Ashworth, Joseph H, 9 Cardwell St, 68 Manchester Rd

Bailess, Thomas, clogger, 22 Manchester Rd

Barnes, Henry, farmer, Mist Farm

Bee, John, beer house, Railway Inn

Bentley, Herbert, painter, 11 Wood St

Billington, William, agent, 53 Manchester Rd

Blades, John, Fried fish dealer, 10 Manchester Rd

Booker, Thomas, sawyer, 67 Manchester Rd

Booth, John, grocer, 1 Bridgefield St

Boothman, William Henry, h 7 Whitefield St

Boothman WH & Son, joiners, Simpson St

Brown, Arthur H, vict, Hapton Inn, Lane Ends

Callaghan, Thomas, Shopkeeper, 2 Simpson St

Carter, Thomas, agent, 33 Manchester Rd

Chadwick, Albert, newsagent, 5 Whitefield St

Clark, George, taper, Castle St

Clegg, James, confectioner, 4 Whitefield St

Cocker, James, farmer, Eaves Farm

Con. Club, Hapton, W Gregory, secretary

Crompton, Ralph, tripe dealer, 64 Manchester Rd

Crook, James, farmer, Shuttleworth Hall

Crossley, John, hairdresser, 28 Manchester Rd

Cunliffe, Miss Mary A, grocer, 29 Whitefield St

Dickinson, John W, Quarry foreman, 22 Wood St

Dickinson, Thomas, farmer, Thorneybank

Dobson, James, analytical chemist, 85 Manchester Rd

Doyne, George, carter, 105 Manchester Rd

Duckett, Henry, plumber, 10 Whitefield St

Feather, John, farmer, Knotts, Hapton

Gregson, William Henry, confectioner, 24 Castle St

Harmsworth, Albert, schoolmaster, 87 Manchester Rd

Haworth, John, farmer, Westall, Hapton

Haworth, William, butcher, 30 Manchester Rd

Heys, George, clerk and assist, overseer, 56 Manchester Rd

Hodgson, Rev T W, MA curate of Parish Church, South View

Holden, John, draper, 17 Wood St

Hull, Mrs Charlotte, 107 Manchester Rd

Ideson, William, clogger, 3 Bridgefield St

Knox, Samuel H, grocer, 4 Simpson St

Lawrence, John, bookmaker, 89 Manchester Rd

Laycock, Thomas, farmer, Horse Hill

Lee, Henry, farmer, Watson’s Laithe

Lee, Joseph, farmer, Green Nook

Lindley, Reuben, farmer, New Barn

Marshall. John T, farmer, Childers Green

Marshall, Richard, farmer, Bentley Wood

Mason, Mr. John A, 91 Manchester Rd

Mercer, Thomas William, golf prof, 83 Manchester Rd

Nightingale Bros, quarry owners, Hapton

Pilkington, Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, 26 Manchester Rd

Pollard, William, farmer, Bentley Wood Green

Preston, Mrs. M J, 103 Manchester Rd

Proudlove, William, Station master, 95 Manchester Rd

Riley, Charles P, chemical works manager, 77 Manchester Rd

Riley, Jonathan, farmer, Hapton Hall

Riley, Miss Mary, Hapton House

Rutter, James, fruiterer, 66 Manchester Rd

Sheppard, William, vict, Bridge House Hotel

Shoesmith, Fred, mill secretary, Simpson St

Shorrock, Jonathan, farmer, Bradley Fold, Hapton

Shotton John R, L.R.C.P. surgeon, 84 Manchester Rd

Shuttleworth, William, farmer, Old Barn

Simpson, Theophilus Esq., J P, Hambledon House

Simpson, Walter, Oakleigh

Simpson, W (Simpson Bros) h 25 Station Rd

Slinger, Henry, grocer, 70 Manchester Rd

Sudell, Richard, farmer, Mill Hill

Taylor, Mrs. Nancy, confectioner, 16 Castle St

Taylor, Thomas, mill manager, 97 Manchester Rd

Wade, Joseph, under manager, 1 Manchester Rd

Watson, John, overlooker, 99 Manchester Rd

Westall, Frederick, draper, 73 Manchester Rd

Whalley, Thomas, overlooker, Wood St

Wilkinson, Joseph, coal deliverer, 50 Manchester Rd

Wilson, William, signal man, 101 Manchester Rd

Wilson, William, Nelson & Son calico printers, Castle Clough

Yardley, Mrs. Maria, grocer, 7 Whitefield St

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