Welcome to the HAPTON HERITAGE website

Hapton is situated in Lancashire between the neighbouring towns of Accrington & Burnley and has a long and interesting history, perhaps you may not know that it once had a Castle, a Tower, one of the largest deer parks in Tudor Lancashire, provided a firearms training area for the local rifle volunteers in Wellingtons Army through to the ‘Tommies’ of both World Wars.

Hapton also played its part in the Industrial Revolution when it produced coal, cotton and chemicals, became the first village in England to have electric street lighting and was part of the earliest transport systems of rail and canal.

The Hapton Heritage Committee first formed in 2011 when a group of like-minded residents realised the extent and diverse nature of the village and it’s past.

From the initial research and enthusiasm from individual members, we discovered how much more there is to learn. Our aim is to research and collate the social and industrial history of Hapton  making this heritage available to all, via publications, audio and film recordings, information boards and the internet, thus  producing a legacy for current and future generations.