Other Websites

Here are some other websites that we think you will would like to visit.

Lancashire at War – We have always had an interest in World War Two. As children we grew up watching exciting WWII films as well as the wonderful Dads Army comedy. But other than stories told by Grandparents, the war seemed so far away. It was all fought abroad wasn’t it? We didn’t see it here? But as we have started to research the subject on a local scale, we have realised that the War did indeed reach Lancashire more than just rationing and the “war effort”. There are little bits of hidden history all over the place. Active sites set up to fight the enemy such as Anti Aircraft Guns and Searchlights, working sites such as POW camps, and hidden sites such as Small Arms Dumps, Pillboxes  and secret defence hordes. Plus decoy sites, bomb sites and even defended factories. Many of these still remain in some form today.

Hapton Big Dig – The Hapton Big Dig project, ‘Archaeological evaluation of Hapton Tower and adjacent earthworks’, received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2017, for a community archaeology project. The grant was obtained by Bluestone Archaeology CIC in collaboration with Hapton Heritage Committee.