Tom Carter

Front Cover Page 54 Perserverance Mill Page 53a Index Page 53 Index Page 52b Ribble Valley Page 52a Procession and Field Day 4 Page 52a Procession and Field Day 3 Page 52a Procession and Field Day 2 Page 52a Procession and Field Day 1 Page 52 1914 - 1918 Page 51a Enclosure of Common Land Page 51 1983 Enclosure of Common Land Page 50a Influenza Page 50 Alarming Discovery, Last Supper Page 49a Life Saving at Hapton Page 49 Canal Rescues Page 48a Total Eclipse Page 48 1887 Electricity Page 47a Electricity Page 47 the First Post Office Page 46a Remarkable Sunset Page 46 1897 Parish Notes Page 45a Parish Notes Page 45 1950 Great Rain Storm Page 44a Leases Page 44 Leases on Property Page 43a Dress Parade, Earthquake Page 43 Dress Parade Page 42a Dress Parade Page 42 Dress Parade Page 41a Dress Parade Page 41 Dress Parade Page 40a New Iron Bridge Page 40 Log Book on Wesleyan School Page 29a Honours in Chemistry Page 29 Cambridge University Page 28a  Mill Fire at Hapton Page 28 Appointment of school master Page 27a A Hapton mans great achievement Page 27 Application for dog racing Page 26a Seller's Fold Page 26 Origin of Padiham Page 25a Sale of Furniture,Oldest People Page 25 1834 Hapton Footpaths Page 24a Weslyan School Page 24 1894, 1886 Page 23a School Picnic Page 23 Golf Caddies Page 22a School Picnic Page 22 Hapton Parish Records Page 21a National School Page 21 Hapton Bridge National School Page 20a Peace Celebration Page 20 Recreation Ground Page 19a Padiham 1830 Page 19 Huncoat Page 18a Leeds and Liverpool Canal Page 18 Old Toll Bar Page 17a War Memorial Page 17 St Margaret's Church 1926 Page 16a Council School Page 16 Council School 1919 Page 15a Council School Page 15 Scholarships Page 14a Hapton 1851 Page 14 1772 Poor Rate Page 13a Historical Hapton Page 13 Hapton Reservoir Page 12a Shuttleworth Hall Page 12(11) Hapton Tower Page 11a Hapton Hall Page 11 1890 Right of Light Page 10a Hapton Tower Page 10 The Great Flood 1946 Page 9a Hapton Tower Page 9 A Local Footballer Page 8a Hapton Tower Page 8 Hapton Church School Page 7a Hapton Tower Page 7 Hapton Bowling Green Page 6a Hapton Tower Page 6 War 1942 Page 5a Hapton Tower Page 5 Hapton War Memorial Page 4a Hapton Castle and Tower page 4 Appreciation Page 3a Hapton Castle Page 3 Hapton Bridge School Page 2 Hapton Castle Page 2 1898 Hapton Parish Council Page 1a June28 1884 Page 1 Silver Jubilee Inside Cover, Silver Jubilee Programme